Gabriela Lynch, amft

What if you could discover a new way to look at the story of the problems that show up in your life to cope with them better?
Areas of focus

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Experienced Marriage and Family Therapist Helping you Overcome Life's Challenges

The words we use, the problems we have, and the relationships we share- they’re all part of the stories we tell ourselves.
Gabriela Lynch Individual, Relational and Family Therapy offers affirming counseling to communities in need and provides inspired transformation. My therapeutic approach fosters deeper reflection and a link between people, problems and perception. Together we can investigate and use your personal life experience and the knowledge you innately have to navigate a new way of looking at, and thinking about, your stories.
If you feel like now is the best time to author a better story for yourself, I’d like to help you.
For new words, new thoughts and new stories with an Orange County therapist who deeply cares, come and STORY FORWARD with me.

Answers to the Most Asked Questions

Many of my clients say they feel overwhelmed by their problems, that they feel stuck, or that they are thinking about their life in a very negative light.
If you feel like things just aren’t working out and you are researching about therapy or counseling online, this is a good place to start.

My kind of therapy is talk therapy/ narrative therapy which is a collaborative curious approach that treats problems as being separate from people. If you are looking for a place where you can go and feel safe to talk about anything with an open minded, objective professional my kind of therapy is right for you.

I specialize in treatment for anxiety, depression, substance misuse/abuse, grief, and marital /relational issues.

During a therapy session with me you can expect to be involved in a very real conversational experience. As your guide, I foster a considerate and respectful environment that prioritizes your empowerment and wellbeing.